The tasks of a receptionist

The profession of reception agent is a profession which essentially requires several criteria such as dynamism, relational sense and professional strategy by giving priority to quality, as well as excellent presentation while choosing the right skills.

And to integrate this type of position the company carefully chooses its host agents, the latter must have the skills required to become host or hostess.

As a result, the in-depth general culture and the taste of contact and services are important assets.

Welcome and standard agent

In this sense, the main task of the host agent will be to welcome clients and ensure that they represent the company of which they are a part!

The latter is committed to informing and welcoming visitors or clients within the company sometimes even he takes care of the tasks of telephone reception or secretariat that is why he is the first interlocutor of the visitors.

In the company, the agent directs the visitors to the premises, directs them and responds in particular to requests for information or other, depending on the needs of the customers. At the same time, it can also take care of certain secretarial tasks such as filing, word processing, input of files if necessary.

In addition The agent must be fully available to answer all the questions of the clients in particular orient them properly according to the standards of the trade as a warm welcome of quality.