General Service Facility Management

GENERAL SERVICE COMPANY is a service provider that aims to improve the smooth running of your business!
As part of its development and in order to meet the requirements of its partners, GENERAL SERVICE COMPANY offers you a wide range of services and techniques vital to the company and provides you with a single contact for all your needs and your safety.

All serious work to be undertaken by the company GENERAL SERVICE COMPANY because the support services essential to the operation of the company and all the missions must be carried out in the best conditions and while opting for the best steps.

General Service Facility Management

Multi service: services to users of premises

GENERAL SERVICE COMPANY offers several services that can challenge the users of the premises,
We also talk about outsourced services. We quote for information purposes:

  • Ensuring a good reception
  • Manage mail and archive management
  • Maintenance of buildings

Multi technical: Maintenance of buildings and installations

Le multitechnique
Obviously each company needs the General Services, corresponding to its needs and this obviously depends on the type of project.
General services tend to improve your business projects. To do this, companies specializing in these services sometimes call themselves “occupational environmental professionals”.
Ultimately, the agent is responsible for the success of several general services in order to improve the working conditions of other employees who have a function closer to the core business of the company.
That is why the companies that offer its general services intervene by making available to you the availability of multi-purpose agents and highly qualified to carry out several missions such as DIY, maintenance, works, removal, plumbing, installation and maintenance of buildings management of space heating, air conditioning and even electricity.