General Service responds professionally to all your emergency maintenance needs, namely routine maintenance operations, such as wiping, sweeping, washing, vacuuming and more.

The company is also able to carry out any maintenance of soil cleaning. It possesses all of a high material of machines like monobrosses, washer riding.
Our requirement is to make professional or private places more pleasant to live by ensuring protection and cleanliness.

That is why we are able to help and intervene, obviously for your indoor or outdoor environments such as green spaces

Cleaning Hygiene cleanliness

Cleaning company any type, business cleaning, restaurant

Are you interested in this type of regular intervention for cleaning your premises?

Our company adapts to the needs of its clientele while offering a wide range of cleaning and maintenance services for your premises, offices, industries and even restaurants.

Surely we work with experts in several fields to bring you comfort, health and quality of life while applying the regulations associated with your premises and the safety rules.

Cleaning & maintenance

In terms of local cleaning the company exhibits several services such as:

  • Housekeeping and regular maintenance of your premises,
  • The cleaning of floors, walls and ceilings,
  • Dusting, and more.

Industrial cleaning: Professional cleaning!

General Service offers the best multi-service service for individuals and businesses in the field of cleaning and cleanliness.The company has extensive knowledge in this field and we are highly accredited in pest control hygiene for deratting, disinfection and disinsection

Cleaning Hygiene cleanliness

Office and commercial cleaning

You have commercial premises, a shop a shop or any type of business, and are looking for a good provider?

Experts are committed to a wide range of tasks and adapt to the needs of each customer and opt for the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Our professionals intervene to carry out several quality services, namely dusting and wiping furniture, furnishings and sales surfaces.