Maintenance of buildings

In order to bring well-being and development to collective use companies: municipal buildings, hospitals, retirement homes, buildings, schools, local businesses, General Service supports all service and maintenance as well as cleaning of premises and spaces.

For this, it has set up a full training session for its agents of several specialties.
The latter will have several tasks while possessing a perfect mastery of the trade while respecting the rules of safety.

Building maintenance

As regards your floors, General Service offers a wide range of services for the maintenance of porous or non-porous tiles, waxed or vitrified floors, carpets and carpets…

Entrust the task to a large well-trained and highly qualified personnel to meet each specific type of service because the company has the professional hygiene solution for your soils.

Technical maintenance of the building for professionals and individuals

Individuals or professionals, the maintenance of your premises is a necessity and considerable requirement. This is why General Service intervenes to clean your premises whether it is offices, restaurants, production lines, sheds, public buildings and others.

Indeed, the intervention includes in turn cleaning of windows, apartments, green spaces, maintenance work, and everything concerning renovation ie installation of air conditioning and complete equipment of your heating, electricity and plumbing system.