Security and Surveillance


General Service collaborates with experts in the field of protection and safety of spaces and premises that are able to intervene on any type of environment.

Thanks to the professionalism of its agents, the company trains and puts at your disposal several profiles, namely the agents of Security of cynophile, rondiers intervening in the shortest time following your requests even the store security officer who opts if necessary to video operators in order to maintain total surveillance of your stores. of course, day and night.

Fields of intervention:

The Security Service has two functions: prevention and intervention. We intervene on several places and grounds:

  • Airport, Local authority
  • Public company / public institution
  • Playgrounds
  • Medical facility (hospital, clinic, …)
  • Foyer / shelter
  • Recreation Park
  • Seniors’ Residence
  • Port and security companies
Event security

Types of interventions

Our job is to prevent any incident or accident while proposing several types of surveillance intervention, prevention and detection of risks.

As a result, we will be able to monitor compliance with the entry and exit of persons and goods, as well as the mandatory verification of accesses, places including closure, presence of objects, persons and others.

Event Security

Our staff are essentially present to answer all your calls of surveillance and event security.
They have received specific high-level training to master crowd and conflict management techniques. Security based on reception and good supervision.